Fish roe salad with bread

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Clean Monday (Kathara Devtera) is about to come and the first kind of nosh that comes to our mind is the fish roe salad and the lagana bread. There are two kinds of fish roe, the white one and the red one. They are both delicious. Today, we will make fish roe salad with red fish roe, which is my favorite.

Ingredients for fish roe salad with bread (Taramosalata)

4 portion

  • 100 gr fish roe
  • ½ kilo of bread
  • ¼ of an onion
  • 2 lemons (only their juice)
  • 1 cup of olive oil


Soak the bread in some water, drain it very well in order to remove all its fluids, remove the crust and put it in the litter.

In a big blender put the onion and the fish roe and blend them until they become cream.

Then, add the bread in small doses and the half portion of the olive oil. All that time we keep blending until the mixture is homogenized.

Finally, add the lemon juice (it depends on the acidity of the flavor we want our fish roe salad to have) and the rest of the olive oil. In the meantime, we keep stirring.

When our fish roe salad becomes a nice cream, it is ready. We place it in the fridge for about 2 hours so that the ingredients thicken.

We serve the salad accompanied by bread, lagana bread, pickle and a glass of ouzo.

The fish roe salad needs much of olive oil. Olive oil makes it fluffy and the more lemon juice we add, the whiter it gets.

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